Bathrooms comes with different sizes and shapes but for all of us means this part of the house a sanctuary. A private place where you can unwind, and relax find your own peace. BBSP Refurbishment transfers your old bathroom into a stunning, comfortable, stylish and modern sacred part of your home where you can lay back and enjoy for years to come. To refurbish your comfort station, and give a new look not only give value to your property but will make you happier and freshen up the whole family.

Every homeowner concerned specially with lavatory rooms being under work. It is a real test they face but not with BBSP Refurbishment. We minimise every disruption, paying special attention to cleanliness and time keeping. We believe with the right planning you can live fairly comfortable in your home while the works being carried out.

  • Planning and Design
  • Removal and disposal of old units where needed
  • Showers Installation (thermostatic, electric, concealed & manual)
  • Bathtub and armatures installation
  • Plumbing and Light fittings
  • Wall coverings, Ceiling, Tiling (ceramic, porcelain, marble, stone)
  • Flooring, under floor┬áheating
  • Water and Drainage pump installation
  • Ventilation, Extractor fans
  • Bespoke of bathroom furniture
  • Fittings and cleaning

Galleries of our Bathrooms

We offer all aspect of bathroom refurbishment. If you have any idea or expectation please mention it to our vendor or project manager and we implement. Our team always here to help for you.