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What We Cover


Wood is one of mankind’s oldest building material. The ability to shape wood improved with technological advances. Today carpenters working with natural wood and many other building materials. Our carpenters can use engineered lumber or bespoke themselves to materialize your imagination.

Wood is widely used in home design, when you think about door, window, furniture, staircase and floor can give natural look to your home. BBSP Refurbishment’s carpenters and joiners complete installations with the highest quality and achieving your home being stylish forever.

Our team is fully equipped with all tools needed to cut, shape and fit wood to your liking even on-site, while refurbishment carried out to make precise work and finish which will exceed your expectation, achieving the dream of your interior design.

We cover all aspects of carpentry and joinery work, bespoke or install engineered timber. Don’t be shy to ask us about any shape or design you can think of, we can materialize any idea you might have.